So stoked that I actually found this – I thought it was lost forever!

15 years ago. Wow.

This is an accurate reflection of my “queer house” vibe in 2004. This mix predates my “live” rig by over 3 years, so all the mixing, acapella rocking, re-rubs, sampling, loops, etc were done using CDJ’s, a BOSS SP202 sampler and 1200’s…aka “Old School”.

After another listen, I now remember making Steve “silk” Hurley bootylicious, served Janet’s “nasty” some Self Control, turnt Xtina from dirrty to filthy, and pumped up Donna Summer (there’s prob more I forgot). Most importantly, the infamous “Jesus Christ, my Pussy is Burning” has been recovered!

Have a listen – Let this set your pussy on fire for the first time, or again! 😛

Finally get around to posting this LIVE mix from the last Pyramid monthly – my semi-annual throw down for the Pyramid crew, which is always one of the highlights of my year. I set a proper set length and a kick ass rig to werk it properly.
This one accidentally turned super special. Who knew I would end up in the hospital a week later, engaging in an intense fight and emergency surgery to save my life. Blessed that I’m here to post this, and will eventually be ready to rock again soon! Given all this rediculous fuckery, this recording will forever live as “Xotec’s last live set before he almost bit it!” Enjoy!



I can’t believe I didn’t put this LIVE set on my website until today (nearly a year later)…it’s been on Mixcloud for a bit but still…WTF is wrong with me?

Anyway…I did serve my boos @ Pyramid something special here. I’m werking X 3.0 + significant turntable action. I can’t properly serve almost 30 years of X’s CLASSICS without rocking at least 1/3 of the set using VINYL! (yep you can hear it, there is some pops, clicks, and a skip or two) Enjoy!

Much love to Alicia Greco (awesome writer from the Public / Buffalo news) for unintentionally writing my updated bio!!!

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001 Xotec

Xotec, otherwise known as Chris Moody, is a veteran to Buffalo’s scene. He grew up in Niagara Falls, and has spent time living in Buffalo, Rochester and Boston. Since 1989 he has been an integral part of the development of the Queen City’s underground house and techno. He attended Berklee College of Music to study music production and engineering, and music synthesis. Almost five years into DJing he obtained a residency at Club Marcella, still frequented by many for the dancefloor and drag performances, when it first opened in downtown Buffalo in 1995.

Consistently there for 13 years, he has taken an “extended sabbatical” after being in a car wreck. His life flashed before his eyes and he said there was no way he could do five-hour long sets until fully healed.

“I’m healing slowly, I’m currently able to do two-hour sets back spasm free. Right after the wreck, I could barely do an hour,” he says. “More importantly, since my life flashed before my eyes I had to seriously re-evaluate where I expend my limited creative mojo. Having a weekly residency, especially at somewhere as legendary as Marcy’s, what I still consider ‘home’ and ‘family,’ is awesome and I’ve been so fortunate in that regard! However, when you find yourself constantly dumbing your unique style down, to the point where you can’t even be unique and creative and house it up properly – while keeping it familiar – even in a commercial club context … that’s where the weekly downtown Buffalo grind enters mojo killing territory.”

Since the accident he has been spending his time healing and rebuilding his style. Deemed Xotec 3.0 he has been writing house music and focusing on performing gigs that don’t drain his mojo, but rather feed his creativity.

“I realize basic bitches (with closed minds and shallow musical palates) will remain basic. The struggle is eternal, although it’s been more incrementally prevalent over the past five years. Asking me to be more ‘open format’ when I’m already too whorish/commercial, is another way of telling me I’m still not basic enough. EXACTLY! Never can be either,” he says.

At the first party Xotec threw in 1994 he met the people that would soon comprise the Knowmatic Tribe Soundsystem. The core of the group included Marcos, Scott (God Morgen), 3P0, Mattius, and also saw the likes of Mike Parker.

“They are my eternal brothers in funk, my family. We covered a lot of pioneering ground over the past 20+ years in Western New York, the years which laid the foundation for what is happening now and those years had a huge impact on me … While we all separately cover different creative stylistic paths when we perform, the real magic happens when we combine forces into one future cosmic funk stew. The funky flava is in the sauce!”

He is stylistically versatile and remixes samples, loops and acapella bits on the fly. “The debut mix I provided Sequencer is a clear example. Even though I re-mix, re-rub, and add beefier drums throughout the mix, there is over 30 years of house music history within that hour.”

His track selection is always high energy and evokes the inner freak. To be inspired Xotec says “the tracks have to touch me ‘there’ and give me the material I need to touch you ‘there.’ The groove, the bassline, the spastic nature of the acid, the drums, the swing…I could go on. But given all of that, I still end up ripping shit apart, editing them, adding or removing elements, as my mojo compels me to, as I read a room when I perform out live. When all the elements are right, it’s an intimate conversation between the floor and me.”

Tune in and turn on for the debut Sequencer Soundcast and in the words of Xotec, “You must be this fierce to ride.”