So stoked that I actually found this – I thought it was lost forever!

15 years ago. Wow.

This is an accurate reflection of my “queer house” vibe in 2004. This mix predates my “live” rig by over 3 years, so all the mixing, acapella rocking, re-rubs, sampling, loops, etc were done using CDJ’s, a BOSS SP202 sampler and 1200’s…aka “Old School”.

After another listen, I now remember making Steve “silk” Hurley bootylicious, served Janet’s “nasty” some Self Control, turnt Xtina from dirrty to filthy, and pumped up Donna Summer (there’s prob more I forgot). Most importantly, the infamous “Jesus Christ, my Pussy is Burning” has been recovered!

Have a listen – Let this set your pussy on fire for the first time, or again! 😛


Finally get around to posting this LIVE mix from the last Pyramid monthly – my semi-annual throw down for the Pyramid crew, which is always one of the highlights of my year. I set a proper set length and a kick ass rig to werk it properly.
This one accidentally turned super special. Who knew I would end up in the hospital a week later, engaging in an intense fight and emergency surgery to save my life. Blessed that I’m here to post this, and will eventually be ready to rock again soon! Given all this rediculous fuckery, this recording will forever live as “Xotec’s last live set before he almost bit it!” Enjoy!



I can’t believe I didn’t put this LIVE set on my website until today (nearly a year later)…it’s been on Mixcloud for a bit but still…WTF is wrong with me?

Anyway…I did serve my boos @ Pyramid something special here. I’m werking X 3.0 + significant turntable action. I can’t properly serve almost 30 years of X’s CLASSICS without rocking at least 1/3 of the set using VINYL! (yep you can hear it, there is some pops, clicks, and a skip or two) Enjoy!

The oldest set I have in my website archives (so far)…

This set taped live-to-DAT (remember that bit of tech?) at GPA’s event Magnetism at the infamous TCI Building. Two turntables, a bone rattling sound system, and a lot of dust being kicked up!


(right click -save as target or right click -save as link to download!!!!)


Great timing!  Just as I’m dealing with the absolutely biggest Western New York  performance of my 25 years in this game (Buffalo Canalside 8-14-2014 supporting MOBY!),  my website gets hacked by a Russian hackbot!  Story of my life.

But hey, I’m sufficiently tech literate, so at least I can manage to get a basic site back up and running so you can download some of the 18+ years of mixes I have available on my web server, if you wish.

Let’s start with (a one pass re-creation) of the live set I performed at Canalside 8-14-2014, that was featured at Artvoice.com here:


ARTVOICE x DJ XOTEC – Last Night 001 by Artvoice on Mixcloud

So, if you want to put this awesome mix in your mp3 mix collection, just<right click -save as target> or<right click – save as link> on any of these two links below to download the mix and and listen to it wherever you want – LOUD!

xotec  -(almost) live at Buffalo CanalSide 2014


(right click -save as target or right click -save as link to download!!!!)

The 30+ other mixes I have here will we available as soon as I get a chance to post the links and (long term) re-build this website. F**k these russian bots!  But it’s also my fault for mot paying attention. So….

Stay tuned, if you care 🙂