Time to re-add all of the mixes I have available on my web server.  Here is Part 1 – The Digital Bitchslap series.  The Digital Bitchslap series of mixxes reflect the sound of my long standing commercial club residency in Downtown Buffalo  (almost 20 years) – Club Marcella.  (http://www.clubmarcella.com).  There are over 10 years worth of mixes here  – enjoy!

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http://djxotec.com/mixes/xotec_digital bitchslap_v7_02_05_08.mp3








The oldest set I have in my website archives (so far)…

This set taped live-to-DAT (remember that bit of tech?) at GPA’s event Magnetism at the infamous TCI Building. Two turntables, a bone rattling sound system, and a lot of dust being kicked up!


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Great timing!  Just as I’m dealing with the absolutely biggest Western New York  performance of my 25 years in this game (Buffalo Canalside 8-14-2014 supporting MOBY!),  my website gets hacked by a Russian hackbot!  Story of my life.

But hey, I’m sufficiently tech literate, so at least I can manage to get a basic site back up and running so you can download some of the 18+ years of mixes I have available on my web server, if you wish.

Let’s start with (a one pass re-creation) of the live set I performed at Canalside 8-14-2014, that was featured at Artvoice.com here:


ARTVOICE x DJ XOTEC – Last Night 001 by Artvoice on Mixcloud

So, if you want to put this awesome mix in your mp3 mix collection, just<right click -save as target> or<right click – save as link> on any of these two links below to download the mix and and listen to it wherever you want – LOUD!

xotec  -(almost) live at Buffalo CanalSide 2014


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The 30+ other mixes I have here will we available as soon as I get a chance to post the links and (long term) re-build this website. F**k these russian bots!  But it’s also my fault for mot paying attention. So….

Stay tuned, if you care 🙂