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Mucho thank you’s to Adam Veber for the immaculate review / context! <3


3 great DJ sets and a good vibe was a perfect warmup to my big surprise for the night.
XOTEC’s set.
Now, I see the flyer – XOTEC. Ok – I know him, he’s been around – he knows wassup. But Xotec can sometimes be a wild card. His range is wide and sometimes you don’t know what he will play. But on this event, he billed himself as “Ver. 3.0”. I didn’t really take any notice of this –but that is fine – right?
Xotec was not DJing. He was live. I wished this description was clearer in the advertising of the event.
The setup was 3 controllers and a DAW *.

I thought he would go his own route with his own musical range – but he didn’t. He played the same style as the whole night. Which was nice and continuous. He did bring it up a little more, but added his flair to his compositions. Very minimal 90’s acid rifts could be heard, sampling from past elements, and mixing in new school beats. I really enjoyed his style – hard hitting new school compositions with a flavor of the past mixed in. Done very non-cheesily!*

You could tell he has been doing this awhile and he was very articulate in his performance. I was impressed with his set and amazed that he’s currently doing this. Really great to see and a good surprise.
*Digital Audio Workstation. Laptop driven, using a sound editing/composition program. Example: Ableton.
** We’ve all heard cheesy 90’s/acid played with new school to some horrible results – but he was nowhere close to that.

Adam Veber – 2016