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So stoked that I actually found this – I thought it was lost forever!

15 years ago. Wow.

This is an accurate reflection of my “queer house” vibe in 2004. This mix predates my “live” rig by over 3 years, so all the mixing, acapella rocking, re-rubs, sampling, loops, etc were done using CDJ’s, a BOSS SP202 sampler and 1200’s…aka “Old School”.

After another listen, I now remember making Steve “silk” Hurley bootylicious, served Janet’s “nasty” some Self Control, turnt Xtina from dirrty to filthy, and pumped up Donna Summer (there’s prob more I forgot). Most importantly, the infamous “Jesus Christ, my Pussy is Burning” has been recovered!

Have a listen – Let this set your pussy on fire for the first time, or again! 😛