9 comments on “xotec live @ Magnetism – – TCI Building Nov 1996

  1. Hello, I have been looking for a set of yours from ’96 or ’97 that I have on a cassette tape! I’m afraid of it breaking every time I play it 🙁 maybe you know which set it is by some of the clips – it has a woman saying “I love the dj”, a man saying “okay princess,what ever you say” & of course I can hear the beats in my head though impossible to put into words other than it is my favorite thing to listen to ever & i need it on digital format asap 🙂 Please tell me you know the set & can send me download!!! Or maybe know someone to turn my tape into mp3? That would be amazing ♡

    • I have that mix *I think* somewhere on DAT along with a bunch of other old mixes… hopefully I find them all as I move this month…

      • Hello again! I’m still hopefull that you will find the mix I’m looking for. I keep checking back from time to time. Until then, I play it in my head 🙂

        • I believe I posted a 1995 mix that has that track…otherwise I have to post a live mix Brett or Dan sent to me…let me know!

  2. What was the name of the track you spun with the pulp fiction Ezekiel speech in it? I used to have it on one of your mixtapes.

  3. I am leaving my annual gushing note of thanks for posting this time capsule on here. I get goosebumps EVERY time… (and I listen to it constantly).
    Hugs and tattered Jnco jeans with warehouse goop on the cuffs,
    John(ny) Pal <3

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